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Beyond The Balance Sheet Podcast

Aug 25, 2021

Sue Schwartzman joins us today to discuss a hot topic - building generational wealth. Sue has over two decades of experience working with high net worth individuals, families, and teens, helping them systematically and strategically engage in philanthropy and volunteerism while navigating and communicating money concerns and values. Sue begins by explaining how she advises and bridges gaps for families who have differing views on philanthropy by nurturing a cross-generational dialogue regarding decisions about generational wealth. Listen as Sue discusses the philanthropic views the younger generation is tackling, discretionary grantmaking, and the benefits of seeking out a generational wealth advisor. 


  • [01:40] Sue always felt drawn to teaching and helping youth. She discusses her background and how she started her career path.
  • [06:00] The benefits and disadvantages to technology and the way the younger generation communicates.
  • [11:30] How Sue advises families with children who have different views of philanthropy from their parents. 
  • [17:10]Philanthropic causes the youth of today are drawn towards that differ from previous generations.
  • [22:00] What role grandparents play when they’re sharing experiences of generational wealth engagement.
  • [24:45] The benefits of hiring a generational wealth advisor.



  • As our world becomes more reliant on technology that gives us the ability to access information immediately, this can inadvertently cause youth to experience more stress and anxiety. Also, hindering their ability to make deeper level connections that go beyond technology.
  • Youth today are exploring different areas of philanthropy that weren't present in older generations, such as climate change and ending institutional racism.
  • The easiest way for families across generations to come together to do good in the world is by being open, honest and creating a dialogue about each family member’s core values.
  • Even the most skilled and well-intentioned person, who wants to bring their family together to do good in the world, can benefit from a discussion with a generational wealth professional.



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Sue has over two decades of experience working with high net worth individuals, families and teens, to systematically and strategically engage in philanthropy and volunteerism and to navigate and communicate about money and values. Sue pioneered one of the most esteemed teen philanthropy programs internationally. Her work is responsible for training more than 900 teenagers who have raised over $7 Million for an array of non-profits.  Her work has also been featured in The San Francisco Chronicle, Investor’s Business Daily, The Atlantic  Philanthropies,  The Chronicle of Philanthropy, Chicago Tribune and Times of Israel. A CAP ( Certified Advisor in Philanthropy) Candidate, A 21/64-certified multigenerational family trainer, speaker, and advisor, Sue is a master at giving voice to all generations around the family philanthropy table, and at connecting family members in new and lasting ways.