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Beyond The Balance Sheet Podcast

Feb 22, 2023

Olivia Summerhill, the founder of the financial consulting company Summerhill Firm, works with affluent women through the divorce process, helping them to thrive post-divorce. Olivia firmly believes that women need to discover where they want to be and who they want to be before the divorce is final.  Divorce is complicated in any circumstance. However, it is even more complex when those of ultra-high net worth get divorced, and Olivia has suggestions for navigating through this challenging time. Hear about these suggestions and how bringing in the right professionals at the right time can make all the difference for the affluent woman facing divorce. 




  • [01:40] Olivia Summerhill shares how Summerhill Firm and the skill she brings to the table enables women to thrive post-divorce 
  • [02:46] She describes what is involved in the initial meeting with a client and some of the most significant complications a woman faces 
  • [04:06] Other professionals become a valued source during the divorce process 
  • [10:19] Olivia explains fear's role in the decision-making process. Fear is not only directed at finances but also at self-worth 
  • [14:00] Olivia tells why there is not just one way to move on after divorce 
  • [15:15] Collaborative divorce versus a divorce that is litigated and the intimidation women feel by the judicial process 




  • Therapists, accountants, trust officers, child specialists, and luxury realtors are just a few professionals that may help negotiate a fair settlement.  
  • If you want to create a fair playing field, a collaborative divorce is beneficial to both parties. 
  • Women not only fear their financial future when getting a divorce, but they can also have fears of self-doubt and failing in another relationship.  




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Olivia Summerhill is the founder of a financial consulting company, The Summerhill Firm, helping affluent women maintain their lifestyles and thrive post-divorce by educating and empowering them financially. Having over a decade of experience in wealth management and private banking, Olivia dedicates her time to protecting women. Her niche serves famous and high-profile women who need help navigating the financial complexities of divorce. She also consults with financial advisors and family offices to help their clients avoid divorce mistakes. Olivia is often highlighted in Forbes, US News, MSN, and other national media. In addition, she hosts a money coaching podcast called 'Divorce for Wealthy Women.' Among numerous other designations in finance, Olivia is a Certified Financial Planner, Divorce Financial Analyst, Divorce Specialist, Money Coach, and Psychology of Financial Planning Specialist.