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Beyond The Balance Sheet Podcast

Feb 8, 2023

Katie Darnall is the Business Development Director, Americas for Trusted Family. Today we learn how the software developed by Trusted Family provides a secure platform for the affluent family.  Generational wealth requires the storage of business and personal documentation, and often, this information is spread among many platforms. Trusted Family has developed software to manage business finances and provides a communication method that is much more secure than today's social media. Katie also discusses the family council concept and the value of bringing generations together to maintain the culture of the business and family name.  Tune in today for an eye-opening discussion of what is available in new software technology. 




  • [01:47]  Katie Darnell explains the vision and services offered by Trusted Family and how their service intersects business and personal data 
  • [03:24] The family enterprise ecosystem serves as the platform for ensuring that culture, goals, and values are passed down generationally 
  • [06:37] Technology has brought a new component to the table that was not there when multi-generational business ventures began 
  • [09:34] Organizing and driving engagement within the family is achieved through comprehensive software that includes the listing of social activities not related to the business 
  • [17:16] New technology can provide a vehicle for younger family members to be a valuable asset bringing all generations together 




  •  A family council is integral to younger members of a multi-generational affluent family to ensure they espouse the same culture, mission, and direction that has contributed to the entity's wealth. 
  • Social media platforms like texting, Snapchat, Instagram, and email are not secure ways to communicate, and documentation needs to be centralized.  
  • The older generation, who still use a paper trail for business transactions, may resist new technology. However, once implemented, they see the benefits. 




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Katie Darnall is the Business Development Director, Americas for Trusted Family, and is currently based in Knoxville, TN. She brings experience in NextGen family business engagement and technology and SaaS sales and implementation. Katie is a 4th generation family member of The Pictsweet Company and began her career as the Business Analytics Manager in the family business. Before joining Trusted Family, Katie ran the sales and customer teams for an early-stage e-commerce analytics startup, Reviewbox, Inc. She loves bringing the two worlds together at Trusted Family by helping NextGens become an integral part of solving their governance challenges by utilizing strategic technology solutions.