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Beyond The Balance Sheet Podcast

Jun 8, 2022

Today, we’re switching up topics to discuss insurance coverage with Tamar Silberberg-Shiffman. Tamar is the co-founder of Concierge Insurance Solutions and works with high net worth clients to provide an adequate safety net to protect their families and assets. Diana and Tamar discuss why insurance is necessary, what types of insurance high-net-worth clients need, and the elements to look for when exploring insurance companies. Listen in to learn what gaps you might have in your own coverage and how to expand your safety net to create peace of mind.




  • [01:20] How to switch careers from real estate to insurance.
  • [04:10] How does wealth affect the type of insurance that people are buying?
  • [06:40] The two main changes that are affecting high-net-worth individuals.
  • [12:00] How to locate good insurance. 
  • [14:20] Does the risk of not having insurance outweigh the cost of having insurance?
  • [15:50] Different needs for different generations.




  • There are two major changes from the last 15 years that are affecting the high net worth clients: the first is technology and the second is climate change. 
  • Families of affluence are more susceptible to lawsuits and excess liability, which is also known as umbrella coverage. It is their first line of defense when a lawsuit is filed.
  • There's been a tremendous uptick in cyber claims. Corporations are not the only target anymore. Everyone is. Act proactively and take precautions before a tragic accident might threaten your assets.



Tamar Silberberg Shiffman is co-founder of Concierge Insurance Solutions. Prior to co-founding Concierge Insurance Solutions, she and her husband built a multi-million dollar real estate business where she developed the luxury residential side of the company. Tamar’s passion for high end real estate adds a unique approach to protecting the client’s most valuable assets.


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