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Beyond The Balance Sheet Podcast

Feb 1, 2023

Jim Eastburn, the Corporate Director of Transformational Experiences at Canyon Ranch, speaks with OPG’s Diana Clark about her upcoming presentation on how to navigate parenting today. He also  shares about the philosophy behind the retreat’s diverse programming. Canyon Ranch professionals take an integrative approach to health and wellness. This beautiful facility provides an atmosphere for the perfect vacation while providing access to an incredible team of experts. Programs including sleep deficits, nutrition, weight loss, emotional problems, parenting and more. Jim also discusses plans for 2023. So if you are looking for life-changing experiences in a resort setting, look no further than Canyon Ranch.




  • [02:09] Jim Eastburn describes the integrative approach taken at Canyon Ranch
  • [03:50] Jim explains why he believes guests come to Canyon Ranch, how many struggle with self-care, and how an immersion experience in navigating parenthood might start with self-healing
  • [12:06] Jim discusses how community and connection in therapy help guests who want to avoid “group therapy”
  • [15:52] Canyon Ranch creates a personal itinerary for each guest
  • [18:46] The programming at Canyon Ranch continues to evolve in 2023, including one on culinary experiences and immersion in brain health




  • Families often struggle because the concept of “self-care” is foreign to the parents. Yet, a healthy family is dependent upon the wellness of the adults. Understanding that there is no perfect parent relieves some parents' guilt.
  • When you learn that you are not alone in the difficulty you are experiencing, healing and self-care begin.
  • Changes made in small, incremental amounts are likely the changes that will become a part of your story.




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Jim Eastburn is the Corporate Director of Transformational Experiences at Canyon Ranch. Jim helps to curate programs and guest experiences that inform, inspire, and delight. With a human services background in social work and case management, he joined Canyon Ranch in 1993 as a Program Coordinator. Since then, Jim has held various leadership roles, including serving as the Executive Director of the Life Enhancement Center and Associate Director for Health & Performance. In addition, he currently leads a dynamic team of Wellness Guides at each of the Canyon Ranch properties.