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Beyond The Balance Sheet Podcast

Dec 6, 2023

Wealth advisors are continually nudged into broader elements of their client's lives. It’s up to these financial advisors to fulfill the role in addressing many situations, which helps them build a solid financial plan encompassing all aspects of their client's lives. In this revisited episode of Beyond the Balance Sheet, Michael Conway, founder and CEO of Conway Wealth Group, and Zach Conway, Managing Director of Conway Wealth, join Arden and Diana to explain how they are supporting their clients' wealth in what matters. Michael and Zach discuss establishing a level of trust with their clients and initiating conversations about the non-financial issues in their lives. Finally, as our society becomes more open to discussing mental health, they address the changes they are experiencing in conversations with their clients.

In This Episode:

[01:36] The different ways Conway Wealth Group is addressing the multiple needs of their clients' families. 
[04:22] Defining wealth differently - adding emotional and psychological components to defining wealth as well.
[06:49] Building a level of trust with a financial advisor to be able to openly communicate about more aspects in their lives besides just money, as those circumstances can play a role in their financial plan.
[12:13] The percentage of communication they have with clients about health and life satisfaction as opposed to financial matters of market and investment advice.
[16:11] As a culture moving towards more discussions on mental health, do Michael and Zach notice if clients are more willingly open to them as well?
[19:56] Is there ever a client that may be too complicated to take on?

Key Takeaways:

Broadening the term “financial advisor” by discussing all aspects of a client's life - topics ranging from health to personal relationships.
Understanding that wealth is not only measured in how much money a client has, but also measured by emotional and psychological components in that client's life as well.
Starting a conversation by proactively bringing up issues a client may be putting off in their lives and addressing those issues, showing that addressing those issues may actually play a role in their financial plan. 
An overwhelming amount of financial advisors now agree that advising on non-financial issues is extremely important. 
Society has started to become more open about mental health discussions - how this has changed the interactions Conway Wealth Group has with their clients.


Michael Conway, CFP®, ChFC® is founder and CEO of Conway Wealth Group, a premier, independent financial planning and advisory firm. As a successful and well-respected financial advisor, Michael has spent more than 30 years providing specialized solutions that blend financial and estate planning strategies with open architecture investment management. By steering clients toward Aligning Life & Wealth®, Conway Wealth quantifies not just investment gains, but gains in the categories of life that actually create lasting happiness.

Michael is also the co-founder of the Life & Wealth Network, a platform for advisors to deliver exceptional professional resources to clients in the parts of life that matter most, and the co-founder and chairman of Seeds, a platform for advisors to deliver truly customized investment portfolios that align personal values with financial goals.

Michael is frequently looked to as an expert in financial news media, and has been featured in various publications, including Barron’s, the Wall Street Journal, and Investment News, among others. He was also named one of the 100 Most Influential Advisors by Investopedia. 

Zach Conway is the Managing Director of Conway Wealth, a private wealth advisory firm focused on leading families toward aligning life and wealth. Zach is also the co-founder and CEO of Seeds, a tech-enabled asset management platform that empowers advisors to deliver portfolios that align financial goals and personal values. He also co-founded the Life & Wealth Network, a platform designed to give advisors the tools and professional solutions to help clients live a life beyond the numbers.

Zach also writes for and has been featured in various publications, including Barron's, InvestmentNews, and others.

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